Spring Plant Growth

Look at all of the plants that I’m growing! I need to get a few more supports for my sunflower growings. I’m wondering how high these sunflowers will get. The lavender plant has quite a lot of leaves coming off of it. I’m tempted to see if I can have some more clippings growing separately. … More Spring Plant Growth

Lab presentations: Development of schematic

Developing power points for lab presentations is a very unique type of design project. Presenters need to convey lots of complex data but maintain a clear flow to the information. It’s easy to be overwhelmed or to under-develop the presentation of information.  I’ve found through group projects that many students and scientists don’t have a … More Lab presentations: Development of schematic


But the authoritarianism of this tradition is cloaked most effectively in the power of the marketplace to make it seem freely chosen. Choice is an American article of faith (as the vocabulary of the abortion debate shows; even antiabortion activists use the rhetoric of choice); and we exercise choice, or enjoy the illusion of it, … More Choice

Today: Get Started

In one of my anthropology classes, a girl made a great comment about the rescue-savior complex and trafficking of children. “I just really respect the people who try to do something even if it’s not perfect if it helps someone. And there’s something so great about what she said. Because I think that the way we achieve perfection … More Today: Get Started