Getting “People” Talking about Slavery

I was listening to the Slate Political Gabfest “The Amabots and Amholes Edition.” I’d really encourage you to go listen to the episode. Political Gabfest Symposium I really enjoy the Political Gabfest. They, or perhaps more broadly Slate, are hosting the Slate Academy : The History of American Slavery. The Gabfest describe this symposium event … More Getting “People” Talking about Slavery

Millennial Entitlement: Meet Reality, Old People

I am so sick and tired of people calling my generation entitled. You know what, I am entitled. I don’t think that┬ápeople should be fired (or worse killed) because they aren’t sufficiently subservient to power. I do think that if you work hard, you should have enough money and stability to live comfortably. These are … More Millennial Entitlement: Meet Reality, Old People


My biological mother passed away. Although my relationship with her is complicated, I’m going to miss her. She was my link to my grand parents who loved me dearly. My mother gave me a lot, a strong sense of justice and a desire to understand the complex patterns that make up the world. Well, that … More Motherhood

Blogging Update

I’ve realized that there are a lot of blogging features that I don’t use. And that’s stupid. Really what I do is create good content that interests me. It’s pretty narrowly focused; I think I do have something of an established type or style of post here. The content is good and I put a … More Blogging Update

Colorful Sketch Dump

I’ve been trying to sketch more. These are from one of my larger sketch books. I also really want to work on capturing people’s forms and liveliness more. I always wish I could capture the particular essence of a person. But I do find these bust sketches to be quite beautiful themselves. Working from images, … More Colorful Sketch Dump

Rhetorically Speaking

There are certain subjects where the facts don’t rhetorically matter. The rhetoric that we produce, our discourse within a specific┬áculture, shapes the way that we perceive things to be. Discourse, especially normative and dominant, leads us to perceive the world as unchangeable. Discourse and the standards of normative behavior and relationships produces measurable effects. The … More Rhetorically Speaking