Research Coordinator

So, I have a job at Boston University in the Development and Alumni Relations’ Research. You can read my cover letter for my application, to get a sense of how I described both my previous experience from working during college and my current experience of working part time. I can go into more detail on the … More Research Coordinator

Prilla: Primal

I figured that I should share a few photos of Prilla, or Primal, since she has gained a new nickname. Prilla loves to curl up on this cat scratcher. A friend wondered why she chooses to sit on a hard surface when there are so many soft fuzzy ones, but Priscilla never deigned to answer. … More Prilla: Primal

Getting “People” Talking about Slavery

I was listening to the Slate Political Gabfest “The Amabots and Amholes Edition.” I’d really encourage you to go listen to the episode. Political Gabfest Symposium I really enjoy the Political Gabfest. They, or perhaps more broadly Slate, are hosting the Slate Academy : The History of American Slavery. The Gabfest describe this symposium event … More Getting “People” Talking about Slavery

Colorful Sketch Dump

I’ve been trying to sketch more. These are from one of my larger sketch books. I also really want to work on capturing people’s forms and liveliness more. I always wish I could capture the particular essence of a person. But I do find these bust sketches to be quite beautiful themselves. Working from images, … More Colorful Sketch Dump

Rhetorically Speaking

There are certain subjects where the facts don’t rhetorically matter. The rhetoric that we produce, our discourse within a specific culture, shapes the way that we perceive things to be. Discourse, especially normative and dominant, leads us to perceive the world as unchangeable. Discourse and the standards of normative behavior and relationships produces measurable effects. The … More Rhetorically Speaking

Progress of Painting

I thought that it might be both interesting and useful to see how I completed an painting Acrylic painting Stretched gesso’d canvas Approx 6 hours painting over 7 days Reference image Pencil sketch Focus: contrast in skin tones I’ve really been trying to work on my painting skills over the past couple of months. It … More Progress of Painting

Institutions: Organizing the Known Universe

What is an institution? How do institutions pass down social, political, and economic capital? Why do we need language to describe institutions? “David Lewis’ definition is helpful: a convention arises when all parties have a common interest in there being a rule to insure coordination, one has a conflicting interest, and none will deviate lest … More Institutions: Organizing the Known Universe