August Redux

What’s truly amazing is that August comes around again, I can feel the experience of last August.   I don’t know how to explain a year’s worth of movement away from death. There are little moments that amaze me: the moment I first put on the black dress that I wore to the funeral. The … More August Redux

Research Coordinator

So, I have a job at Boston University in the Development and Alumni Relations’ Research. You can read my cover letter for my application, to get a sense of how I described both my previous experience from working during college and my current experience of working part time. I can go into more detail on the … More Research Coordinator

Work update

So now I have an actual full time 9 – 5 job. Amazing. I still haven’t updated my resume, not to include the work that I’m doing now. I’m still a horrible couch potato. Which yet again bring me here, to my second attempt to get back into blogging. I definitely had realized how draining … More Work update

Peace in 2016: Put it on the table!…/no-bern-notice-the-imperial-…/ we need more anti-imperialist dove candidates. i am tired of selling out my sisters abroad to try to keep basic access to health care. clinton talks about loving children but supports murder of children by drone. sanders talks about a revolution of togetherness against corporations, but is silent about the corporate assassination in honduras. … More Peace in 2016: Put it on the table!


So I started working. I’ll write a post detailing my work and what I’ve learned. I also started needing a lot of r&r when I get home from said work. I still do the tasks that need to get done. The dishes get cleaned; the cats fed; my bag packed for Monday morning. But lots … More Work

Re: Start

Rather clearly I didn’t actually get back into blogging. I was busy doing the following, in almost this order: Thesis writing Graduating from MIT Freaking out about graduating from MIT Finding a new roommate Trying to find a job Freaking out about not finding a job Settling into full-time part-time work Trying to explain to … More Re: Start

Back to Blogging

I’m excited to get back to blogging.   I didn’t realize how difficult my mother passing away would be. But I’m glad to say that I’m feeling much happier as most practicalities have been dealt with. I’m grateful for all the help I received. And I’ve really missed blogging. This little site had become a … More Back to Blogging


I’m going to take a little break from blogging since there’s been family issues and the semester is starting. sigh

Prilla: Primal

I figured that I should share a few photos of Prilla, or Primal, since she has gained a new nickname. Prilla loves to curl up on this cat scratcher. A friend wondered why she chooses to sit on a hard surface when there are so many soft fuzzy ones, but Priscilla never deigned to answer. … More Prilla: Primal

Semester Start

I’m getting started for the start of the semester. The summer has flown by, the good and the bad. Now it’s time to take on the last semester I have at MIT. I’m taking 3 classes:  Mech Behavior of Materials Orientalism and Representation How Culture Works I’m picking out my school supplies. Although I can’t … More Semester Start