A Tale of Two Kitties

For just a little while I had two kitties.

One of my friends needed someone to cat sit for her while she went home to visit her family at the start of the summer. I volunteered and, after a cat-date, I was approved to be a temporary cat momma.


The kitty is called Mitten. She’s a funny little cat because she doesn’t know how to meow. I like the think that she’s the cat version of Marilyn Monroe – she kind of moan-sighs out all of her vocalizations. Mitten is just so teeny tiny!

Mitten got her name from her one pale paw. My friend says that she likes to play patty cake, but Mitten and I didn’t get that far in our relationship.

Mitten and Prilla avoided each other during their first cat date. Once Mitten was dropped off at my apartment for the longer term, she explored the highest locations she could reach – the top of the fridge, my loft bed, and the sink counter. She settled in to her perch to scope out the land.


Mitten loved to take her morning nap burrowed into my blankets. I’d like to take this time to thank her for depositing so much cat hair in my bed. thank you, mitten.


Prilla pretended that she didn’t know that anything had changed. New cat? What cat? She choose to simply lay about and lick herself as though no other cat was around. However, she made sure to keep a sly eye on Mitten – somehow Prilla managed to meander her lay downs to follow Mitten’s explorations.

There were a few frantic chases around the apartment. No kitty was scratched, but hissing competitions started by Mitten devolved into Mitten retreating to the top of the refrigerator. Prilla’s tail fluffed up so much when she’s upset!

Why does that cat have a snack? I should have the snack - I rub my face on waaaaay more stuff
Why does that cat have a snack? I should have the snack – I rub my face on waaaaay more stuff


Another strange kitty thing was their battle over the litter box. One kitty would use the litter box and a few hours later, the other would need to ‘update’ their control of the litter container. Now I did have two litter boxes for them – my friend brought over Mitten’s litter box. But the kitties weren’t going to give up their poop fight; they chose to compete over just one.

Daily Make Up

Hanging out with another kitty is kind of refreshing. I realized what quirks are unique to Prilla. I also enjoyed the company of a more cuddle-friendly cat. Mitten loves to get her nose boop’d. I still love Prilla’s long soft fur and tsundere ways. But I can see the appeal of a different type of kitty.

Although, I don’t want to take a bath with either of them! Mitten, get down from there!


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