Peace in 2016: Put it on the table!…/no-bern-notice-the-imperial-…/

we need more anti-imperialist dove candidates. i am tired of selling out my sisters abroad to try to keep basic access to health care. clinton talks about loving children but supports murder of children by drone. sanders talks about a revolution of togetherness against corporations, but is silent about the corporate assassination in honduras. both candidates want to talk about opening borders, but have they made statements about us refugee status for the witness of bertas’ murder?

i’m glad that bernie has spoken out against the crimes of israel, which is esp inspiring to hear from a jewish man. i’m glad that issues of human trafficking are entering public discussion around border policing from both dem candidates, while the republicans have moved towards openly racist language of border closing. i’m glad that we are hearing bernie represent coalition building instead of violent intervention and i am tired of sisters who ignore the machismo of violence in hilary’s speaking. and i think that coalition building is brought up again in the focus of restorative justice that bernie supports and ‘super predator’ racially coded language that hilary used. there are points to be glad about in pushing for democratic peace keeping and i think the dem party is moving forward. i’m learning so much in this election!

i will vote for the dem candidate, but i keep being disappointed that even the far left candidates can’t talk honestly about war crimes, imperialism, and basic issues of justice. we need a broader imagination, one that involves peace and reparations for people of color and solidarity with our southern sisters of the world.


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