So I started working. I’ll write a post detailing my work and what I’ve learned.

I also started needing a lot of r&r when I get home from said work.

I still do the tasks that need to get done. The dishes get cleaned; the cats fed; my bag packed for Monday morning. But lots of little tasks are avoided on the weekdays.


I realized that I don’t like to deal with people after a full day of work — even my friends who I enjoy spending time with. Some part of my introvert body gets drained by a full day of smiling at passer by and talking to co-workers. So I push them back to the weekend. Even the weekend hangout sometimes requires a gentle internal push that I can’t stay in the apartment alone all weekend.

Another problem I’ve pushed back since I started working: I haven’t been filing out the job applications that I know I should be. I get the updates, an email feed of applications I should be filling out. They just pile up in an untouched part of my inbox and the binder of application work gets a little fuller each weekday. But the weekend doesn’t bring a purge of to-do tasks. I’m somehow daunted by a task that I was completing pretty easily before I started work. Maybe the activation energy of fixing up my resume is the daunting part. Or maybe it’s the need to turn my brain off and turn away from a computer screen once I get home. I’m not quite sure, but this difficulty needs to be confronted. And soon.


I have become a Priscilla-esque couch potato. The final challenge is that I’ve been watching way more TV. I come home after work, have a snack, and plop down in front of the TV for hours. Usually until Netflix tells me that I really should not continue watching Pretty Little Liars and then I cuddle up to go to sleep. But spending ~3 hours in front of the TV on the weekdays isn’t the best use of my time. I almost feel my brain rotting away.

But still! I don’t know what to do. I don’t feel like doing something else, certainly not something challenging. And definitely nothing that involves sitting in an office space and working at a computer.



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