Prilla: Primal

I figured that I should share a few photos of Prilla, or Primal, since she has gained a new nickname.


Prilla loves to curl up on this cat scratcher. A friend wondered why she chooses to sit on a hard surface when there are so many soft fuzzy ones, but Priscilla never deigned to answer. I think she’s trying to make the surface fluffy by scratching it but seems to be making very slow progress. Sadly, Prilla hasn’t noticed that each scratch decreases the surface for her to sleep on. I have noticed as I vacuum to keep up with the cardboard debris.


Prilla is an elegant huntress. Although she has never managed to capture any living creature, not even a fly, she has successfully caught 3 of her toys in this photo. With the yellow ball under her hind legs she utilizes her front paws to subdue two mice toys. Oddly, she’s more focused on the orange mouse’s tail than the body of either mouse. Still, I thought I should capture the huntress in the moment of victory to share here. Prilla does not have an official stance on hunting done by humans, but she does seem a little suspicious of my Simba plushie so I think it’s best we not press her for one, if only to keep her on the right side of history around Cecil.


She’s not a model. The camera just turned on by itself.

Also, she is the corner by choice. I don’t have the power to put her in time out.


Here is Prilla caught mid-stretch. She loves to lay out on the carpet where the sun is. She’ll curl up in a ball or just totally flop over. Once in a while she’ll turn over or stretch to capture the sun as it moves across the floor. I wonder if Primal would ever think of teaching yoga? She certainly knows how to engage the whole body in the stretch, toes to tail!


Prilla makes good use of the couch. Although she is a very small animal, she often needs to take up 2 couch cushions. The suggestion that she make room for humans to sit on the couch is met with a grumpy and sleepy “Mrow.” Fair argument, Prills, fair argument. But I raise the counter point that Prilla will not allow me to put my feet under her belly to keep my toes warm. At this point, Prilla often leaves the debate in a huff. She’s sure to glance over her shoulder though to make sure I understand the silliness of my argument.


Priscilla has recently discovered that she can sit inside of the bin meant for the fuzzy blue blanket. While she is still scared of the fuzzy blue blanket, Priscilla has mustered her courage to hold a sit-in of the bin. The bin is now used for napping and sitting rather than storing or organizing. Prilla, much like me, loves to innovate. We’ve always got to be finding new uses for old resources and materials; that’s the way of the future!

I have decorated her with a lovely hat that complements the polka dot design of the bin. Prilla doesn’t seem impressed with my pattern mixing, but I think that I’ve done an excellent job. All those Vogue tips are paying off.


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