MIT in the Movies

As froshlings arrive on campus at MIT, I wanted to create a list of movies that can give a sense of MIT’s campus, both as it is and as we wish it was.

MIT As It Is

These movies present a view of MIT and the surrounding Boston/Cambridge area.

Good Will Hunting

A real story about an underprivileged and over-angry youth getting a chance at MIT. The relationships feel real, even if this gives an old time-y sense of MIT.

The Town

Perhaps my years at MIT have been full of more violence than usual, but I feel like The Town gives a sense of the character of Boston.


Technically based on a real story. No one at MIT is this cool. But most of us are gullible enough to think a scheme like this would work out without violence.

3 idiots

Although set in India and full of musical numbers, this movie captures the feeling of being at the most prestigious and competitive engineering school of the country. Both the difficulties and the rewards of three close friends’ lives are capture in this movie.

Sydney White

I might be biased by my love of Amanda Bynes, but I think:

  1. the depiction of the dwarves captures East Campus culture perfectly
  2. the depiction of the crumbling building captures the decay of our dorms
  3. the depiction of the antagonism captures the East/West divide

Pitch Perfect

A movie that captures more of the West campus experience, especially based on those who join acapella groups or sororities.

MIT As We Wish

MIT is full of dreamers and wishers. So i think there are at least a few movies that will give you a sense of how we imagine ourselves. I almost feel like these movies give a better sense of the campus, simply because they are so imaginative and capture certain caracatures.

the Matrix

Here we have a classic movie. While most East Campus students consider themselves to be Neo, they’re far more likely to be little brother in the Tank and Dozer brotherhood. Or maybe just Mouse. Although perhaps I should be more generous, there are a few Anonymous hackers on campus.

the Mummy

As an archaeology student in Material Science, I feel obligated to say that I think myself the star of this particular movie. You’re sure to meet brave academic heroines like Evelyn and the misognistic Egyptologist, Chamberlain. Bonus for the fact that MIT students can study abroad as a real-life Bembridge scholar at by studying at Oxford or the Imperial College of London.

Harold and Kumar

Do you live in Senior Haus? Do you want to live in Snr Haus?

Iron Man

In addition to being an MIT grad who bears a brass rate, Tony Stark also epitomizes some of the the West Campus ideal. His charm, charisma, and competency make him the dazzling star. His genius mechanical engineering skills and basement-workshop hours are all balanced with an ability to party hard.

Once you graduate:

Post Grad for those still seeking employment. Rent for the young New Yorker from East Campus. Wolf of Wallstreet for the New-Money Sloanie.


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