Summer TV 2015: Top 5

These are the shows that I’ve been binge watching this summer. Most of them are free on amazon prime!


I’ve been following Suits since season 1. I really liked season 5 since it focused on Luis who is actually my fave. Also, the season gave me hope that the show is going to return to Mike being the conscious of the lawyer-family.

I continue to be irritated by how the romances play out on the show. There’s a lot of abuse of power in the inter-office dating that is never addressed. Also, this season finally got me to relate to Rachel, especially as people blamed her for being the victim of sexual assault. Basically, if Rachel tells a character “No, nothing is happening. I’m not interested. Don’t harass me at work” and that character then bodily grabs Rachel and forces sexual contact of any kind : that’s assault. That’s not Rachel’s fault. That’s not something Mike should blame her for. Further evidence of “that’s assault” is when the victim leaves crying, feeling hurt and emotionally injured.

Also, I can’t suspend disbelief when someone turns down Jessica. Because really? Who would ever refuse Jessica anything ever???

X Files

I watched 9 seasons of the X files in a about a month. There were many a facebook status about the improbable situations and overlooked solutions. Over all I really liked the show. I did not ship Mulder and Scully; I friendship them, but I just think Scully deserves better than Mulder. At the season 7 mark, their ship becomes so ridiculous – like really? Aliens ship them? What?

Also, I have lots of questions about the alien politics. What was going on with the rebel forces? What sort of morals did the aliens have? If the aliens could shape shift, could they de-age themselves as well? Could the rebel forces shift back their disfigured orifice? How did the aliens reproduce? Was this the purpose of colonization esp of human females? Did the aliens do this to other planets? Why did the indigenous people of North America know so much about the aliens and their interactions with humans?


My roommate and her friend began watching Numbers and I have slowly gotten dragged into watching this show about math nerds. What’s really disturbing about the show is that I know more than a few MIT students and professors who would fit in well with Charlie and Larry.

Also, Larry, that kipu you made while in space is terrible. You should be ashamed.

Alright now’s the point that I confess that I too am a nerd – an anime nerd.

Love Live!

I’ve started playing the Love Live game on my cellphone and so I had to return to watching the TV show. I don’t think that the band has as much chemistry as K-on did, but it’s still a cute enjoyable show. There’s a bit more fan service in it too, but not a creepy amount. Usually just enough that I can laugh at how ridiculous it is.

My favorite is Hanayo. She’s just too cute! But she doesn’t get as much screen time, at least not as far as I’ve watched in the second season.

Sailor Moon

I’ve also been watching Sailor Moon. I’m so excited for each episode to come out. I hadn’t expected the show to be so emotional; every episode has a cliff hanger. I do wonder about the pacing for the show because of that.

The other mildly irritating thing is that the animation quality varies quite a bit. Sometimes the show is gorgeous but other times everything is terribly off model. A lot of other people have commented on this problem. The animation consistency has gotten better further into the show.


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