Progress, Work, and Feedback

So I just want to really draw out a few of these points since it is such a long video. There’s something in the video that really resonated, seemed kind of important.

  • Put in man hours
    • Sketch
    • Fundamentals
    • Broad & Deep
    • Beginning = Imitation
  • Make bad art
  • Progress is slow
  • Progress requires taking risk
    • Risk leads to failure x 1,000
    • Risk leads to success x1
    • Persevere
  • Consider audience
    • Connect with people
      • Beginning = fanart, pinup, etc. ready made audience
      • Must move to own new material
        • create audience
  • Share your unique voice
    • Document progress
    • Communication : Voice
  • Finale = Connection and Communication with Audience
    • Brand

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