Positivity: Spring Commitments

As we enter spring, I always feel the need to tidy up my life.

Spring cleaning is a big deal for me; I started before spring break and feel a commitment to starting with everything clean. I always start with my desk since it’s where I spend the most time. Next is the bed, again for time reasons. I’m also going to clean out the fridge and cupboards in the kitchen.

But there’s also tidying up my life and commitments.

For spring, I want to refresh my wardrobe. This means getting rid of things I don’t wear often but also adding in some new clothes. I did empty my closet quite a lot over the winter, but it feels like I’m missing the bright colors. I always hesitate about buying nice new clothes. Sometimes it’s the cost. Other times, I worry that I won’t have the confidence to try an adventurous new trend. I would like to overcome this fear!

I realized that I love to do volunteer work, but haven’t been making time for it. I want to find a way to refocus on this. I do get the emails for volunteer events but rarely find the motivation. Possibly I should find a volunteer friend who will also enjoy helping others.

I wonder if it would be possible for me to take three classes each semester from now on. I already know that I’m not graduating on time and have a scholarship for a ninth semester. The work load for this semester was so much more reasonable than last semester. I’d have to talk to my advisor about this.

Working out! I need to work out on a regular basis. I was doing pretty well on the yoga in the morning. I can feel how sore my body is, having been less regular with it. Funny story: while walking around Disney and Universal, I would stop and do little stretches. Pdiddy laughed at me for doing this, embarrassed by my old lady stretches. But guess what? The next day, I was fresh as a summer morning. Pdiddy wasn’t; her knees and legs were super sore. I want to regularly work out for mood and health.


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